10 Keys to Credit Card Processing

In today’s marketplace, being able to accept credit card payments is a necessity.
A credit card payment capability not flat rate merchant services only provides a professional look to your business but also, if your business does not offer the option to pay via credit card, you will undoubtedly be losing potential sales revenue.

Businesses that are mobile (such as those participating in tradeshows, traveling salesmen, taxi & limousine services, home delivery businesses, plumbers and electricians, lawn maintenance services, car rental agencies, etc.) need to have this ability just as much as businesses that are permanently situated. This is where the freedom and flexibility of wireless credit card processing can help.

The wireless credit card processing option is becoming more popular, day by day, because it lets you process transactions, no matter where you are located. You can receive payment from credit cards either by swiping the card or entering the card number into a touch-tone phone. This makes it easier and more reliable than the old method of filling out a form to be mailed to the credit card company for payment.

Some wireless credit card processing units now on the market are small enough to fit in your pocket – so they are perfect for taking payments anywhere, even a parking lot. These compact payment processing units can be connected to small thermal printers, so you can give your customers a receipt. This can further speed up the transaction time, so more customers can be served in less time. The best part is, this technologically-advanced service is uncomplicated and is relatively easy to set up. Previously, credit card processing that was wireless-based was subject to power failures or disruption of phone service, causing long delays in verifying cards. Today, this is no longer the case.

Since with ‘card present’ wireless processing, all of the card information is verified right away, all such transactions are considered the same as swiping the card – and result in your receiving the lower processing costs normally associated with swiped transactions (as opposed to the higher costs incurred with internet website processing). This is due to the lower risk of fraud when the credit card is actually presented to you, as the merchant.

Today’s wireless credit card processing systems also screen for fraudulent cards, stolen cards and over limit cards on the spot. Tracking down a customer who paid for merchandise or service with an invalid card is time consuming and expensive. This will rarely be necessary with wireless credit card processing as you will know immediately if a credit card is valid.

Over the years, wireless networks have progressed a great deal. They now provide very comprehensive services and are cost effective at the same time. With the rising demand of wireless credit card processing, various service providers offer competitive rates along with very good customer service, allowing you to accept payment from any and every corner of the world. When selecting your wireless credit card processing service provider, be sure to check that they provide secure virtual terminal and point of sale capabilities. These will ensure a safer and a faster transaction.

So, what’s stopping you from setting up the safest and the most convenient way to receive payments for your products or services? Go ahead, expand your business, accept payments anytime, anywhere and watch your sales soar.