2007 Military Tech; Mounting (HEL) High Energy Lasers on Robotic Sentries for Border Patrol

It really is an ideal opportunity to stop tiptoeing around and start to use our best advancements to get our boundaries. One new headway in advanced mechanics is a Sandia Lab made independent vehicle guard; which looks some what like an ATV, yet all the same completely automated.

I prompt that we mount a little conservative (HEL) High Energy Laser unit on these mechanical guards for Border Patrol on the US-Mexico Border. Why utilize a disinfection robot laser? Well since they are an exceptionally successful weapon and by totally consuming the street pharmacist or adversary warrior endeavoring to acquire passage into our country, it will give a BBQ feast to limited creature species in desert locales where food is scant. This additionally sets aside cash in tidy up or entombments and less administrative work too.

Since we have these advancements we ought to convey them promptly to ensure our country and this will save millions if not billions of dollars in preparing of Border Patrol Officers and billions in compensation and annuities later on. Assuming the street pharmacists connect with the automated guards, then, at that point, they are toast. In a real sense. Furthermore this is something to be thankful for, yet additionally consider those International Terrorists endeavoring to slip over the line to become agitators in our country. Halting them and BBQ’ing them preceding section appears to be legit as well.

The high-energy laser framework could undoubtedly be mounted on an on the Sandia Sarge Unit and it would be completely deadly depending on the situation. We should get the lines of our country and this is a magnificent method for doing that. Maybe you should seriously mull over this idea, as they could prove to be useful in places like Iraq too in 2007.