Bull Temple – Revering the Sacred Vehicle of Lord Shiva

The Silicon Valley of India is how the IT network across the globe calls the thriving metropolis of Bangalore, nestled inside the southern Indian state Karnataka. A glimpse of the town is good enough to prove its prosperity, brimming with staggering architectures each historic and modern. While zooming in the direction of future, Bangalore is a city in which you may witness rich cultural and spiritual values properly preserved.

There are some of famous temples in Bangalor china shops frequented through devotees as lots as the travelers. Elaborate art, captivating architecture and sky high sculptures will wrap you in a mystifying reverence. The sound of prayers, the sight of rituals and the smell of fragrance emanating from vegetation and incense spread a nation of bliss, right earlier than you.

Towards South Bangalore amidst a residential vicinity called Basavanagudi you may find one of the famous temples in Bangalore known as the Bull Temple. The call Basavanagudi, translating to Bull Temple, become coined after the sixteenth century Hindu temple. The temple is dedicated to the sacred bull Nandi, the one whom Hindu god, Lord Shiva rides. It changed into said to be built with the aid of Kempe Gowda, the very character who based Bangalore.

The Bull Temple changed into constructed following the Dravidian fashion, a traditional architecture with roots running again for thousands of years in India. Breathtaking elaborate carvings redecorating step pyramid like shape is its most conspicuous function. But on the Bull Temple you will find some thing even greater notable. That is an photograph of a big black bull approximately 4 and half metres in top and six metres in length.

This colossal statue is decorated with relief carvings and contrastingly adorned with bright yellow garlands. The temple is taken into consideration one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. The photograph of the bull has been carved from a single rock and stands nowadays as a pleasant Dravidian monolith of Bangalore. Flanking the Nandi Bull statue are two pictures of god Surya and goddess Chandra hooked up on chariots.

There is an thrilling story at the back of the development of this temple, as it was constructed to prevent a ravenous bull from destroying groundnut and peanut plants. And distinctly the legend is going to mention that once the temple become built the bull stopped invading the plants, and so the locals endured to pay homage to the temple.

Bull Temple additionally nestles a Ganesh temple, where you’ll find a lofty picture of the deity built with 110 kilograms of butter. Amazingly the butter would not melt and after 4 years portions of this butter is given to the devotees as prashada or God’s meals. The premises also hosts an annual party together with a widely famous groundnut honest called Kadalekayi Parishe. And persevering with their gratitude the local farmers additionally provide their very first vegetation to the Bull Temple.