Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof

It is your roof that’s the primary part of your home, and you should ensure your roof is secured by routine inspections and clean-ups twice per year. It is recommended to do this during the fall season to ensure you have your roofing in top condition to stand up to winter storms and in the spring time to make sure it is capable of enduring the tough weather conditions that winter brings. If you’ve had an extreme storm or snowfall that was intense it is essential to check your roof after the storm. To know what the requirements for maintenance and what they are, look over the warranty on your roof and homeowner’s insurance. If you’re unable to perform the cleaning and maintenance of your roof on your own and require an expert roof cleaning service Roof Washing Albany Ny.

If you choose to do the work yourself, ensure you start working from the top before moving to the bottom. Be sure that your ladder is sturdy and durable. Also, there should be someone to watch you while working on your roof. If anything occurs, you’ll have someone to help. Protect yourself with gloves, goggles, and footwear that is slip-resistant. Avoid walking on roof for as long as you are able and you’re on the roof, wear rubber-soled shoes.

If you’re at the the top of your ladder, there are some things you should keep in mind.

If you’ve recently been struck by a major snowstorm Make use of an ice rake to scrape the snow away , removing tension on your roof’s structural. Don’t stand on the roof to get rid of the snow. It is possible to fall and slide off of the roof.

* Remove any debris like sticks and leaves, off the roof using bristles.

If you spot algae, moss or mold growing on your roof take care to clean them off using a long-handled brush. If you fail to get rid of them from the roof it will begin to eat the roofing material. You can prevent them from resurfacing through the use of control panels comprised of lead, cooper or zinc.

For trees that are close to the roofline, remove branches that extend across the roof. If there is an occurrence of severe weather, they can fall over onto the roof , or serve as a bridge to allow animals to access rooftops.

* While you’re cleaning, take glance at bird colonies in your home. The bird’s droppings contain an extremely acidic substance. The acidic content could eat away the roof’s materials. Bird nests birds could hinder drainage and lead to the blockage of drains, which can lead to the roof to flood and drains. The weight of the water could cause the roof to collapse. If you are removing nests or droppings, it’s best use a respirator while breathing to ensure that you don’t breathe through toxic substances.

Look for loose, damaged, curled, or blistered