How To Get Turf Fibers In Artificial Grass To Stand Up Tall When Theyre Flat

This is MegaGrass’s guide on how to put artificial grass in soil and dirt surfaces. After you have put in every layer of infill material, clean the lawn with the broom or carpet rake and clean up all debris. Remove the turf from the surface, and after taking the correct measurements of the edges of your lawn, you can cut the grass to the measurements. Learn more about San Clemente artificial turf installer

Even if the space has sharp angles, curves or a unique form, simply increase the measurement so that it can be placed in the shape of a rectangle or square. We’ll walk you through and breakdown each step. Take the following things in mind before measuring your lawn/space/area. Be aware that the turf is directional meaning that the blades move in one direction, similar to like fur or certain types of fabrics. The answer is obviously contingent on how large the yard, or the installation area is. Artificial turf can last between 10 to 25 years, depending on the turf’s condition and the level of maintenance it receives.

Install Free Drainage Foam

Click here to see our available artificial grass remnants. These are typically used as ballast to weigh down the lawn. However when infill is needed it is possible that sand will not be sufficient. It is possible to fill the space which has been dug up with coarse gravel, crushed rocks, or granite, and cover the hole up to 3-4 inches. This helps to avoid the lawn from sagging and aids with drainage. Artificial grass fibers, although durable, may be damaged with pressure washers. A garden hose of any type is perfectly to wash the turf. Leaves, dust and dirt can get accumulated on the turf’s surface.

Then, cut the grass with a sharp blade to match the dimensions. You can leave a little more room for adjustments and then secure it. The installation of artificial grass will result in the ultimate, long-lasting, low-maintenance beauty, significantly increasing curb appearance.

If you’re trying to remove your lawn that is healthy, consider renting the use of a sod cutter so that you can move the lawn of someone else that is able to make use of it. In the event that your grass is bad condition and beyond salvaging the lawn, you’ll have to get rid of the clumps grass and level the lawn.

When Should You Use Artificial Grass At Home?

We recommend a water-cured glue specially created to be used for synthetic grass. Do you have a pet would like to go out in your backyard, without fear?

Calculate the best place to begin the relief cut by marking the area from the base and moving upwards. Continue to work until the base of the obstruction is completely covered with turf. Secure your electric wires by removing them from the edges by 6 to 8 inches.


The heavy foot traffic and the high temperatures can greatly influence the appearance of polypropylene. Turf deodorizer is composed of extremely light and sharp volcano Ash stones that absorb urine.

We take pride in the high-quality of our work. we guarantee your satisfaction. It is important to remember that artificial grass comes with a grain it, and that the grain should be pointed at the same point. In general you should have the grain to point in the direction it’s likely to be seen from the usually. If you have any concerns regarding synthetic grass (or you’re looking to be sure that you’re measuring properly) Contact the experts from Ideal Turf to speak with us. Remember that even the amount of square footage can only provide you with an estimation. You can also utilize our no-cost artificial grass calculator.

In order to make your turf work correctly, you need to remove the soil that was previously there on top and inside. If you’re planning to install artificial turf over an area of dirt The primary step to take is to clean the ground. The stapled artificial grass to the subgrade Bend-A-Board will ensure an extremely secure and long-lasting installation. We suggest using a 1 inch pneumatic staple each inch of the length of the.