Is Your Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Good Enough to Eat?

Interesting query. You’ve got an anti wrinkle face cream or 2. What could occur in case you ate your satisfactory face cream?

It’s now not pretty as silly a question best face cream as you might imagine. When you practice an anti wrinkle face cream, or any fashionable skin care or anti ageing product on your skin, one of the matters you’ll be aware is that once you have rubbed it into your face it disappears. All of them, including the first-class face lotions, will accomplish that while applied to the pores and skin of your face.

Isn’t that an awesome factor? Your face cream is doing it is task by getting into the skin of your face and working away?

Well yes, and no.

Where do you suspect your face cream is going while it’s rubbed into your skin and disappears? Certainly into your pores and skin, however it would not forestall there. Quite a massive amount of the components of that face cream get into your bloodstream.

Just as if you ate it, it went on your stomach, and from there into your blood stream.

So when you rub in a face cream, or any anti getting older skin care product, you’ve got, in effect, eaten it. At least the ingredients have long gone to the same vicinity as in case you had eaten it. Into your skin, and bloodstream.

So the plain query is, are you confident that your anti wrinkle face cream is secure enough to devour?

Would it wonder you to know that a few of the components of contemporary mainstream skin care merchandise, anti growing older products and cosmetics, which include face lotions, are taken into consideration to have a positive degree of chance to humans, and as a minimum one is “recognized to motive cancer”?

Would it wonder you to realize that there are complete corporations dedicated to looking to maintain the ingredients of our face creams, sunscreens, lipsticks and our cosmetics safe? Because at the moment they are not all taken into consideration to be safe?

Would it marvel you to know that the FDA does no longer need to test or approve cosmetics or skin care merchandise or their components or to meet itself that they are safe, no matter the truth that whilst you rub a face cream, even the first-class face cream, onto your skin, you’re in impact ingesting it?

Would it wonder you to know that that there’s a easy manner for a cosmetics or anti getting older agency to prove to it is customers that it’s miles devoted to the safety of it’s products and the principal cosmetics and skin care organizations haven’t taken that step?

Would it marvel you to recognise that many anti wrinkle face creams and anti ageing products may additionally contain important components however often at such low concentrations (because it’s pricey to position too much in), that they really don’t work at all?

So, now you have study this a ways, would you be satisfied to consume your face cream? Because that is what you do each time you use it on your face.

And sure, there is a corporation that makes secure, and effective, and herbal face lotions and skin care products that paintings properly. Very properly.