Public Relations Programme for Telecom Services

The performance of a telecom device is judged by means of the Public no longer handiest via the rate and the accuracy with which a call is connected, however equally by means of the first-rate of service in getting to different…

I. Provision of latest strains and the perfect time for provision of the identical in diverse change regions

ii. Prospect of shift, postpone in shift and goal for shift,

iii. Transfer of phones to Pabx price in Bangladesh different call/companies

iv. Provision of add-ons inclusive of PABXs, PBXs and put off in obtaining these facilities and so on.

V. Complaints concerning difficulty by way of put up and wires

vi. Regarding non-payment, extra billing, disconnection, and re-connection and safe custody instances.

Vii. Temporary traces and casual connections

viii. Provision of plug &socket, lengthy twine, coloured or special tool and Provision of extension.

Ix. Regarding un-legal use of phone, un-authorized shifts and un-legal attachment and many others.

X. Obnoxious name proceedings

xi. Opening of PCOs

xii. Delay in placing through local name and trunk calls

xiii. Delay and misbehavior at local inquiry, trunk inquiry, distant places inquiry, local help, trunk assistance and special information and many others.

Xiv. Maintenance of neighborhood telephone lines, telex lines, phones and teleprinters and so forth

The Public Relations rules want, therefore be enunciated in recognize of above problems. At present Public Relations of the smartphone offerings are restricted to getting to individual lawsuits. Even in cellphone districts the efforts had been scanty to talk the subscribers at mess level e.G. An appropriate way of handling contraptions, use of unique services and trunk services. On the one hand the operative and line workforce must be certainly educated approximately their offerings, and many others. And on the opposite the Public have to be recommended approximately the right use of telecom services as additionally they make a contribution now not in small manner to malaise in service-they must be briefed that they need to no longer faucet too often the hooks, and many others. These have to date remained in the phone directories with out being observed by way of what to mention of persuading the subscribers. STANDARD and NTD billing will want to be extensively publicized.