School In Kind Donation Fundraising – Top 3 Fundraising Ideas

There are thousands of different fundraising ideas for schools being used across the country. Many of these fundraisers aren’t raising the money they have in the past causing school,Guest Posting PTA, and booster club fundraising campaigns to achieve less and less success. Recently, there has been a huge focus on three fundraising ideas that guarantee success.

1) Cookie Dough Fundraising – Cookie dough in kind donation fundraisers have been very popular in recent years. This is one of the best school fundraisers because of the product being sold. Most people are more than willing to make purchase cookie dough, especially if it’s for a school fundraiser. When considering fundraisers for schools, selling cookie dough is at the top of the list.

2) Scratch Card Fundraising – Selling scratch cards is a great idea for school fundraising. School finances have thrived selling these cards. The great coupon savings inside make them a very effective fundraiser for schools. The only downside to this fundraising idea is that there are startup costs, as with cookie dough sales, and the profit margin is no more than 70%. With careful planning and pre selling, scratch cards can make for a great school fundraising idea.

3) Online Fundraising – Online fundraising is now the most popular idea for school fundraising campaigns. School, booster club, and PTA fundraising have all taken advantage of raising money via the Internet. A perks to online fundraising is that it is completely free with no startup costs. This works each time people shop online. They can donate a percent of each purchase they make to their favorite school organization. There is no extra cost to this, making in an incredibly unique fundraising idea.

With thousands of ideas for school fundraising, these three have seen the most success. While cookie dough fundraisers and scratch card sales are still popular and effective, many schools have turned to online fundraising for their financial needs.