Setting up an American Samoa LLC

American Samoa is currently an attractive destination for LLC registrations. For most states in the USA, establishing an LLC can be complicated but the creation of the American Samoa online portal has made the entire process hassle-free. Through the portal, the government is constantly trying to make the process of registering limited liability companies easier by providing the relevant guidance, resources and support.

Although many people desire to start up ventures, many people hardly follow through with the entire process due to many complications. Starting an LLC business can be a lot easier, especially when done in American Samoa but it is of the utmost importance for the business owners to emphasize important factors notably the rules and regulations of the company, its financial liabilities and its taxes.

Of course, starting your own LLC in American Samoa comes with many benefits. Limited liability companies registered through American Samoa do not need to comply with the mandatory operational guidelines that exist in other states. For example, American Samoa registered limited liability companies do not need to conduct yearly meetings to remain operational. Moreover, limited liability companies in American Samoa often function as unique entities that are totally detached from the owners or members. This explains why the members have limited liability protection and operational flexibility within their companies. Above all, limited liability companies in American Samoa offer much more benefits such as protecting businesses against malicious lawsuits.

The process of starting an LLC in America Samoa includes;

  1.     Visiting the website

The government has established a website, specifically for those who desire to register limited liability companies in American Samoa. It is therefore your responsibility to visit the website and fill out the application form carefully.

  1.     Choose a company name

If you plan on starting your own LLC, then you need to take out time to decide on your company name. Your company name can be anything but you need to make sure it doesn’t match with other existing company names.

  1.     Articles of organization

The members of the limited liability company also need to get a copy of the Articles of Association which should include the name of the business, the address of the principal business place, the duration of the LLC as well as the contact information for the registered agent.

Note that all these documents need to be submitted online through the portal You will also be given further instructions on your next steps of action on the portal.