Tips for Choosing a New Tub

Cast-Iron Bathtubs

Cast-iron bathtubs from the past are extremely valuable. You can replace an old cast iron bathtub by contacting a dealer to get a quote. It is not worth putting your very valuable bath in a skip to make someone else rich.

Today, cast-iron bathtubs made of antique cast iron are very popular. Many people choose to keep them and hire a company to re-enamel the baths. While some companies prefer to work in their own facilities, others will come to your house and spray them in the bathroom solid surface bathtub.

Specialist suppler are available if you want to buy a reproduction of an antique cast-iron bathtub. They will likely still be costly, even though they may be reproductions or second-hand.

Cast-iron baths can be very heavy. It would require at least 2 (ideally 3) people to lift them up the stairs and into your bathrooms. Cast-iron baths require extra care, particularly when cleaning.

Man-Made Tubs for Bath

Most baths today are made of acrylic, gas-reinformed or enameled pressed metal. Because they are lightweight, but very strong and durable, the acrylic and plastic baths can be carried by one person. The steel bath would need to be carried by at least two people.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners and bleach on acrylic or plastic bathtubs. They can damage the surface. These bathtubs can be designed in a variety of ways, including unusual ones. There are many options for matching your bath panel, taps at either the front, back, corner, or side and almost every color possible. White seems to be the current trend.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are very popular. People prefer to have something a little different than the traditional rectangular bath. Many people believe that corner bathtubs are more space efficient. It is not true. Surprisingly, a corner bath occupies more space than a rectangular bath with the same capacity. Because the tub is angled within the room, it takes up less wall space.

Because a corner bathtub takes up less space than a standard bath tub, you can use that space to install shelves, radiators, or modern towel warmers. The extra space could be used to place a separate shower cubicle beside the tub.

Corner baths are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes. You can also choose different tap styles to match the style of your tub and room. The taps you choose can make your bath look different.

Rectangular Bathtubs

Although many people prefer the corner bath design today, a rectangular bath will still be the most practical. It is the most cost-effective and will fit in any bathroom. You can buy rectangular baths in different lengths depending on your requirements. The lengths of rectangular baths range from 1.5m to 1.8m, and the widths are 700mm to 800mm.

Tubs for the bath with a rounded shape

A round bath is a great option for a large bathroom. A large round bath placed in the middle of a bathroom can be a striking feature of the interior design. For obvious reasons, a round bath would be impossible/impractical in smaller bathrooms, but if you have the space – then go for it!