Top Dentists in Kolkata: Expert Care for Your Smile


When it comes to dental care, finding a reliable and skilled dentist is crucial for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. In the bustling city of Kolkata, there are numerous dental practitioners claiming to be the best, making it challenging to choose the right one for your oral health needs. In this article, we will explore some of the top dentists in Kolkata who provide expert care for your smile. Whether you need routine check-ups, cosmetic dentistry, or specialized treatments, these professionals are well-equipped to cater to your dental needs.

1. Dr. Ananya Sen – The Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

If you’re looking to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Ananya Sen is the go-to expert in Kolkata. With years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Sen has transformed countless smiles using advanced techniques like teeth whitening, veneers, and smile makeovers. Her attention to detail and artistic approach ensures that each patient receives personalized treatment for a stunning and natural-looking smile.

2. Dr. Rohit Kapoor – Your Family Dentist

When it comes to comprehensive dental care Best Dentist Clinic In Kolkata for your entire family, Dr. Rohit Kapoor is a trusted name in Kolkata. With a gentle and caring demeanor, he caters to patients of all ages, making every visit to the dentist a pleasant experience. From routine cleanings to cavity fillings and root canals, Dr. Kapoor’s expertise covers a wide range of dental services to keep your family’s oral health in top condition.

3. Dr. Alok Ghosh – The Orthodontics Guru

For those seeking orthodontic solutions to align their teeth, Dr. Alok Ghosh is a renowned orthodontist in Kolkata. Whether it’s traditional braces or Invisalign, Dr. Ghosh’s proficiency in orthodontic treatments ensures a perfect smile for his patients. He carefully assesses each case and develops personalized treatment plans to achieve optimal results, giving you the confidence to flaunt your smile.

4. Dr. Ritu Malhotra – Expert in Restorative Dentistry

If you require restorative dental procedures, such as dental implants or crowns, Dr. Ritu Malhotra is one of the leading specialists in Kolkata. Her expertise in restorative dentistry helps patients regain their oral functionality and aesthetics. Dr. Malhotra’s use of state-of-the-art materials and technology ensures durable and natural-looking restorations, leaving you with a comfortable and beautiful smile.

5. Dr. Abhijeet Chatterjee – Periodontics and Gum Health

Maintaining healthy gums is crucial for overall oral health, and Dr. Abhijeet Chatterjee specializes in periodontics to address gum-related issues. From gingivitis treatment to gum grafting, Dr. Chatterjee’s skills and experience in periodontics ensure that your gums receive the best care possible.

6. Dr. Smita Banerjee – Pediatric Dentistry Extraordinaire

When it comes to children’s dental health, Dr. Smita Banerjee’s gentle and friendly approach makes her the perfect choice for young patients. Her expertise in pediatric dentistry ensures that children receive the best dental care while feeling comfortable and at ease during their visits. Dr. Banerjee’s commitment to educating both parents and children on oral hygiene practices contributes to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

7. Dr. Rajesh Singh – Oral Surgery Specialist

For complex dental issues requiring surgical intervention, Dr. Rajesh Singh is a highly skilled oral surgeon in Kolkata. From wisdom tooth extractions to corrective jaw surgeries, Dr. Singh’s expertise and precision guarantee successful outcomes for his patients. His compassionate care and emphasis on patient comfort make him a sought-after oral surgery specialist in the city.

8. Dr. Meera Das – Endodontics Expert

When facing severe tooth pain or root canal issues, Dr. Meera Das is the go-to endodontist in Kolkata. Her in-depth knowledge of endodontic treatments ensures the preservation of natural teeth by resolving complex root canal problems effectively. Dr. Das’s dedication to painless procedures and long-term dental health makes her an exceptional choice for endodontic care.

9. Dr. Sameer Sharma – Prosthodontics Master

For patients in need of dental prosthetics, Dr. Sameer Sharma’s expertise in prosthodontics offers reliable solutions. Whether you require dentures, bridges, or dental implants, Dr. Sharma’s meticulous approach guarantees functional and aesthetically pleasing results. His focus on restoring smiles and confidence sets him apart as one of the top prosthodontists in Kolkata.

10. Dr. Tanvi Gupta – Preventive Dentistry Specialist

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and Dr. Tanvi Gupta specializes in preventive dentistry to keep dental issues at bay. Through regular check-ups, cleanings, and early detection, Dr. Gupta ensures that patients maintain optimal oral health, preventing potential problems before they escalate.


In conclusion, when seeking expert dental care in Kolkata, you can trust these top dentists to cater to your unique needs. From cosmetic makeovers to specialized treatments and comprehensive family care, each of these professionals brings their skill and expertise to deliver outstanding results. Remember that a healthy smile is not only essential for your appearance but also for your overall well-being. So, why wait? Schedule your appointment with one of these top dentists in Kolkata and take the first step towards a confident and radiant smile.