Tunic Top Reviews For Women

When the weekend rolls around, many men want to pair their dress shirts with jeans for a put together cool look. They don’t want to wear their polo shirts because that will look as if they just walked off the golf course. If they were to choose a suit, that is the opposite end of the spectrum and seems too stuffy for a casual night out.

When wearing a dress shirt and jeans, the first loose t shirts for womens thing to keep in mind is fit. Some men might want to wear their shirts untucked and that is OK if the shirt is a good fit. Even if you are a big guy, the shirt should not envelop you. Make sure the shirt fits you well in the shoulders and through the chest and that your jeans are not too baggy. Ideally, a dress shirt looks nice if it is tucked into a pair of jeans with a belt however, not everyone can pull that look off. Just try a couple looks in the mirror before you go out to make sure you look good.

Dress shirts for guys can either have squared off bottoms or have tails. Either look is fine. Just make sure that you look in the mirror and make sure that if you tuck the shirt in, it doesn’t make you look to short by cutting you horizontally where the belt is. Conversely if you wear the shirt out, make sure it doesn’t dwarf you.

For a casual shirt for men, have fun with patterns. A vertical stripe always looks nice and is flattering to all body types. Patterns such as paisleys or small geometric prints are nice options too and a welcome change from the traditional dress shirts most men have to wear everyday. Most women know what colors look good with their skin tones and they usually wear colors that flatter them. Use this same philosophy with picking a shirt. If you are blue-eyed, anything that brings out the blueness in your eyes is great such as a blue stripe shirt. If you have olive colored skin, olives, tans and oranges are colors that flatter your skin tones. Whether you buy your dress shirt online or in the store, take the time to try it on and if the color and fit is not flattering return it and find another option that is.