What is the loan sharking

Loan sharks are frequently unlicensed, unreported, and illegal businesses or people. Many of them are employed by organisation that deals in crime. They impose interest rates that are higher than those that are permitted by law, often going as high as 1.5% each day. Additionally, we can assist you spend more time living and less time working out how to pay for what you need at the best money lender in tanjong pagar.

How Do Lending Sharks Operate?

For some customers, getting a loan from a licenced lender is challenging. Poor borrowers who lack a solid bank balance or excellent credit score frequently turn to informal networks for loans. In the shadows of informal lending, there are many unregistered and illegal lenders.

Loan sharks are frequently unlicensed lenders that unfairly take advantage of the poor in their area. Even high-risk applicants without sufficient documentation and unable to present a collateral asset might receive immediate financing from them.

When entering the contract, loan sharks come across as kind and persuasive. They do, however, demand absurdly high interest rates, which a desperate borrower frequently accepts. If the borrower doesn’t pay back the debt, these debt collectors will use force to make them pay up.

Are loan sharks prohibited?

  • According to numerous sources, the criminal organisation made money through the sale of drugs, money laundering, and people trafficking. Unsuspecting desperate borrowers’ loans were funded by illegitimate sources of money at high rates.
  • Predatory lenders virtually ever adhered to laws or regulations while providing substantial loans. By not conducting a credit investigation and lending without collateral, they assumed the most risk. Additionally, the client’s background was not investigated as other authorized lenders would have. Even before the deadline or occasionally after the obligation was repaid, they hounded and bothered the client to collect the debt.
  • Governments have enacted rules and regulations over time to regulate unlawful lending and punish offenders. For instance, loan sharking is illegal in Canada. In order to stop victims from being taken advantage of, law enforcement officers continue to bust unlawful loan schemes.


Payday loans are just one example of a licenced short-term lending provider that frequently levies excessive interest rates. Some professionals advise conducting background checks prior to borrowing money. Loan sharking most likely falls within the criteria of and is prohibited by loan sharking if the lending institution or individual is unregistered. Some countries have established a toll-free hotline where people can report unscrupulous lenders.