Women’s Casual Wear – Cute Spring Tops

For the majority of women having to change their entire wardrobe in order to stay on top of the constantly evolving fashion trends is not an choice. This is why you might be better off applying a few essential items to create the new styles you like and save your cash for rainy days instead! There are plenty of fantastic casual wear tops that are available this season and can be easily taken an old fashion and refresh it to reflect the latest fashions of 2011 Casual women tops.

Tunics are by far the most flexible casual tops available currently available and, by far, the most comfortable to me. They are long and are designed to cover your entire body when paired with skinny leggings or skinny jeans. In certain situations, a good tunic can be used like a dress, if it’s long enough and you’re brave enough. The tunic in almost any shade you can imagine this summer, which covers a variety of fabrics too. You’ll notice immediately the trend of sequenced tunics in fashion this season and can be paired with neutral leggings, and you’ll have  an elegant outfit for any event.

Off-the-shoulder tops have risen to the top of the list for everyone’s wish lists this year, and with good reason. They are the definition of stylish clothing for the year. And the best part about these kinds of tops is that anybody is able to wear them and look gorgeous. The asymmetrical design of these tops will not only enhance your silhouette but also the shoulder lines too. Since casual clothes are usually loose fitting, it is easy to put a camisole under for more protection or warmth. These off-shoulder tops aren’t designed to be worn layered over to cover the overall look of the shirt and hinder the whole goal of creating an excellent outfit such as this.

It is the Henley design is one is a must-have for everyone. The seemingly normal t-shirt usually comes with buttons at the front, and sleeves that are capped to give it that extra design. They’re extremely comfortable and easily blend in with the latest military fashions this year, as along with more feminine trends like bubble skirts. This sort of versatility is evident in all 2011 fashions.

If you are looking for feminine fashions and chic styles such as the ones above, they can be mixed and matched to virtually everything you have in your wardrobe. For example an off-the-shoulder top is great when paired with jeans, khakis shorts and skirts. The possibilities are infinite. What does this mean for you is that you can purchase a variety of tops this season and build your own unique style by combining your current wardrobe and new purchases. Elan International is one of the designers that have been interested in the world of casual wear and, as a result, we have a greater range of options to pick from and thus more variety that is, after all, the essence of fashion.